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Welcome to the Foundation! Get this right and you’ll no longer be the best kept secret in your niche!

**Watch the entire video – it will put all the frameworks into perspective!**

Your Perfect Avatar

The first step in building your marketing roadmap is to identify your ideal client and learn as much about them as possible – you need to get inside their head. This step in understanding your ideal avatar will save you a ton of time and money and help everything fall into place. It almost gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. If you already own an established business, please don’t assume you can skip these steps. It’s my experience that even the most thriving business can benefit greatly from walking through these foundational exercises. 
This step will ensure you’re climbing the right mountain so you don’t wake up in 6 months and realize you have to start all over.
It ensures you’ll be in front of the right audience, solving the right problem in a way that fits your lifestyle and personal financial goals. The first framework to kick us off is the target matchmaker which will help you identify your target market in a way you’ve never seen before. 
The next step to tapping into your avatar is the Avatar Snapshot. This framework help s you to understand who they are — their demographics, psychographics, who they are what they do. Be sure to focus on one specific person who encapsulates your ideal client and even get a picture so you can visualize them as you’re completing this framework. Then describe in a full paragraph or two just like you were telling a colleague all about them.
The next step is your avatar goals grid, this helps you identify your avatar’s goals, frustration, fears, and dreams – in their language. It is the most important part of the foundation for content development down the road!

Your Perfect Message

Before you can craft masterful messaging, you must identify the #1 currency (the problem you solve) for your avatar. The currency calculator is a tool to help you get crystal clear on the problem you’re going to solve for your client with a metric and a timeline. It helps you go from desirable to necessary.

Your Million Dollar Message will expand on the avatar training & condense all your marketing, products, & services into one powerful message that can 10x your biz. Once you’ve completed the perfect avatar course and identify their pains & frustration, you can take all that you learned and put it into your Million Dollar Message. This is ONE sentence you’re going to take with you launching your products, doing speaking gigs, hosting a webinar… everything you do will hinge on getting your million dollar message correct. It will help you take your message from ignored to incredibly irresistible and help you become a micro-celebrity in your niche!

Your Perfect Offer

Your signature solution is designed to help you create a world-class visual representation of your unique blueprint or process to take your customers from point A to point B.  At this point, you MUST have your perfect avatar and message honed in so you can then create a visual framework which will be used now and for years to come.

Most small businesses don’t have the know-how or resources to come off to their customers as a big brand.  Big brands that are professional build trust and that’s what your signature solution does for you. You’re going to be able to show your customers a clear proven path from A to B. This will be a framework you can use for years to come to articulate your ability to get your clients from their biggest frustrations to their biggest goals in no time flat.
Your profit pyramid is a 1-page framework you’ll use in every aspect of your market – webinars, sales, speaking, everything in between. You’ll use it to:
1.  Help your clients get crystal clear on where they are at now
2.  Help your clients get confident that you can help them reach goals measurably and quickly
3.  Help you position your products and pricing so you can charge more and work less
This framework will pave the way for you to put together your sales funnel. Leading your clients up this ladder is the core currency that matters the most to them and from the bottom to the top is one measurable problem you solve. This will show them where they are on their journey and when you’re the person that gives them the ladder to show them the way, they’re going to climb your ladder.