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Christian Women Coaches, Consultants, & Professional Service Providers… It’s Time To GROW God’s Way

We’ve all heard the statistics of how many business startups fail in the first few years…

And I’d venture to guess you have ZERO desire to be part of that statistic. You’re committed to making your dream work and building a long-lasting, successful business that shares your God-given gifts and passion to help others.

So let’s focus our attention on the concepts that 100% of successful businesses get right:

  1. Their business aligns with their God-given gifts and passion.
  2. They have performed the necessary research and testing to ensure that their business idea is in demand by their ideal clients.
  3. They have chosen exactly who they will serve and more importantly, who they will NOT serve.
  4. They have researched the problems their ideal clients have and the goals they wish to achieve and know how to apply these to their product or service.
  5. They have honed their messaging to speak directly to their ideal clients touching on the pains and goals they have in their client’s language.
  6. They have crafted a strategy that increases the longevity and builds value with the client month after month, year after year.
  7. They understand their Key Performance Metrics and have systems in place to monitor these.
  8. They have created a “signature solution” that will help their ideal clients solve their biggest problem and simultaneously help them achieve their biggest goal.
This may seem like a lot, and it can be extremely difficult to navigate this on your own. I’ve personally tried to do this while piecing together training from multiple “gurus”.  It was like a jigsaw puzzle without a picture of the complete image.

I was desperately trying to make all the pieces fit without knowing what the end result should look like. I felt so frusted!

It was draining, and time-consuming — not to mention I felt like a failure and that I was climbing the wrong mountain.

Just like in the Bible in 1 Kings 19 when Elijah flees to Horeb and tells the Lord he’s had enough and to take his life, the Lord causes him to fall asleep and when he awakes there’s an angel who urges him to “get up and eat”.

When we feel overwhelmed and frustrated, it’s all about going back to basics!

I realized that the equivalency of eating and sleeping in business is building the foundation. It can be the boring part – the mundane – yet it is the ever-so-essential part of success.

This is exactly why, my dear sister, I have decided to lower my price by 70% for my foundational training. I see it is in SUCH need in the marketplace.

This training offers one-on-one, done-with-you coaching to ensure you get your business foundations PERFECT and that you’re set up for long-term success. It truly is THE BEST investment you can make for your business today.

All you need to do is schedule a FREE coaching call to make sure we’re a good fit. It’s important to me to only work with women who are dedicated to getting the work done and following the steps exactly as prescribed.

There’s no use reinventing the wheel when this system is working for EVERYONE who follows it.

Get All This For Only $299 - Pricing increases back to $997 in...








Here’s what you and I will COMPLETE one-on-one in this 6-week foundation training:

Align Your God-Given Gifts & Passion with your Business

When we seek God’s will, discover our gifts, find our passion and then align it with your core business – God-sized things are headed your way! Discover the true meaning of purpose and living in abundance when you focus your time and resources on your calling.

Build a Long-Term Sustainable Strategy

We’ll work together to create a bombproof business plan that will encompass your big dream and vision and then reverse engineer what you need to be doing this week, this month, this quarter, and this year to accomplish it. We’ll also put together Key Performance Metrics and ensure you have the systems in place to measure them so there’s no guesswork down the road as to how your business is performing and where you can optimize for the best results.

Market Research & Niche Selection – #GetYourGeekOn

Go from anonymous to intimate with your ideal client as we work together to define your target audience and perform step-by-step market research to understand their pains, fears, goals, and dreams in their language. You’ll know exactly what to say to attract and retain the cream of the crop clientele.

Craft Your Million Dollar Message

Never again will you not know what to say when someone asks you, “what do you do?”. This one, million-dollar sentence will be the core of your entire business and content strategy as you clearly state who it is you serve, how you quantifiably help them, what dream you help them acheive and what primary painpoint to eliminate. Whew! Don’t worry – I make it easy with a step-by-step fill-in-the-blank framework.

Create Your Signature Solution and a Visual Roadmap for Your Clients

We’ll work together to create YOUR unique, signature solution and a visual roadmap to help your clients easily see how you’re going to get them from A-Z. This will set you apart from your competition and give you a competitive edge during strategy sessions, webinars, presentations, and much more. This is the culmination of all your foundational efforts!


The 10X/RX Enrollment Script

This PROVEN framework converts prospects to high-paying clients in one call — without any high-pressure sales tactics! This is a natural way to show your prospects how your solution fits perfectly into the problem they’re desperately trying to solve and how you’re the only one that can help them with your…

Signature Solution!

This bonus itself is worth the investment!

See If You’re a Great Fit Today – Book Your Free Coaching Call Below

I knew when I started my own company that Amanda was going to be my go-to person. She has a wealth of knowledge in her profession and is passionate about what she does! Without the foundational training, I would have been trying to make sense of all the noise online myself. I know I would have wasted a lot of time and money.
When I was ready to launch my company and design my website she took my ideas and helped me create a solution that was more than I had ever imaged. My site is professional and accurately describes the passion behind my small business idea.
She has continued to help me with marketing and web updates and guide me through the online part of having my own company.
I can easily say that without her help I would have never gotten to this stage in my business! Danyell Lahmann, Giving Life Nutrition

Amanda helped me to understand that my current marketing strategy was totally backwards. I’d been told my other marketing companies my website had to rank well – but Amanda helped me realize in our clarity call that my service is so unique, no one is searching for it on Google. She helped me identify a better strategy and the next steps to take to start building my business the smart way – with a solid, step-by-step plan. Kirsten F., Durango, CO