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Get All the Christ-Focused Business Coaching, Training, & Support You’ll Ever Need to Quickly Launch, Grow, & Scale Your Business Online

My Passion is helping Christian women entrepreneurs 2X high-quality leads in 30 days so they can share their God-given gifts with others without compromising precious family time.

Where are You on the Stressed to Succes Pyramid?

Where do you land on this pyramid? Where do you want to be? Imagine a system that walked you step-by-step through growing your business from struggling to striving, to thriving and beyond! Most professionals like accountants, lawyers, and engineers went to school to follow a specific path to become the best in their field. However, so many small business owners have no idea how to grow their business. Fortunately, we have a systematized, simple path for you to follow to go from stressed to success!

The Christian Woman Entrepreneur’s Path to 2X High-Quality Leads in 30 Days

Get Guided Step-By-Step Help in Launching Your Best-Ever Marketing Strategy

Systems aren’t sexy, yet they sure do inspire confidence! One of the biggest reasons new businesses fail is because they don’t have a step-by-step plan to get them from stressed to success. There are sooooo many shiny objects in the marketing world and so much confusion on where to advertise, how much to spend, and who to work with, it’s no wonder most entrepreneurs give up after just a few months.

Our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen! Your success is all that matters and we’re willing to show you exactly how to get there! Our signature solution guides you from laying a firm foundation, to crafting a high ROI sales funnel, to turning your success into a repeatable, scalable system. It’s flippin’ awesome 🙂

I help Christian women entrepreneurs and business owners get super clear on the exact next steps they need to take to double their leads in the next 30 days without wasting precious time on tactics that don’t work for your business.

In your free strategy session you’ll discover:

  1. How to overcome specific roadblocks in your marketing to get your funnel moving again
  2. The exact next steps you need to take to double your leads in 30 days
  3. The long-term steps you need to take to get to 7 figures and beyond.

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